Revisiting Museutopia

Part of the atelierWG Series

Exhibition Open: 5.06.24 - 9.06.24 from 14.00 until 18.00
Opening Event: Saturday 8 June from 17.00 until 20.00. At 18:00 there will be an artists' talk moderated by Anna Bitkina.

In this exhibition three artists will show different approaches to depicting historical narratives.

National Museums
In his ongoing project Revisiting Museutopia, artist Ilya Rabinovich examines the role of national museums in shaping identity narratives. As a native of Moldova raised in Israel, Rabinovich's installation features photographs of national museums from both countries, blending their unique features to expose the shared mechanisms they employ. The installation offers a sensory experience that invites viewers to reflect on how these cultural institutions influence our understanding of history and belonging.

Urban landscape
The paintings of Tatyana Yassievich often depict Russian cities and landscapes which bear the imprint of history in the form of statues, churches and military objects, but also more mundane traces of residents and builders. Her work reveals the many faces of the city from a human perspective.

Arnout Killian's paintings of tapestries are based on pictures found in handcraft books for amateurs from the seventies. He is interested in how icons of modern art leak into the visual language of popular culture and how meaning is altered when a picture travels through different media.