Hermelinde Hergenhahn

When we look at the world today and the big changes that people try to achieve, I think it is a good ides to create fields of respect and empathy. We cannot collaborate whout them and it was the power to develop respect and expathy that allowed our species to surive for hundreds thousands of years. Stupid enough, we cannot always handle panic in a good way. So, we should work on that and get more self-confidence to prevent it. My work is dedicated to that on two levels: to stimulate a critical approsch to personal identity and to cultural identities. If we understand culture and tradition as a home where a person can start to explore his or her potentials, we understand it as the sale place we long for in times of charge and chaos. Losing this place car create fear. Strong fear creates panic and makes respest and empathy impossible In my direct suroundings and abroad! collect scenes and conversations from everyday the that I capire wih drawings, texts and video. I synthesize the hundreds of small percil drawings in large green of painings and charcoal drawings and look for similar structures in reality using Super 8 and video. These distilled moments of everyday life offer the audience the opportunity to get farmular with diferend identities and otherwise threatening issues.