Barbara Nanning

My work is exhibited at art fairs such as Art Basel/Miami, SOFA and TEFAF. It can be found in museums and private collections world wide, e.g. Museum for Fine Arts Boston, Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Design Museum Gent, Metropolitan Museum Seoul, and in private collections: Airbus, Fundación Picasso and Mimi and Bill Gates Sr. 

I always work from the circle, an archetype. 
The centre of the circle is resting point. 
From thereon movement emanates.

I see myself as a material bound artist, inventing and developing unusual methods and techniques.


Eternal Spring Barbara Nanning (English subtitled) 

Ewiger Fruhling Barbara Nanning (German spoken)  

Eeuwige lente Barbara Nanning (Dutch spoken)  

Eeuwige lente Barbara Nanning (Dutch subtitled)  

Coloured Shadows in Glass - Barbara Nanning (English subtitled)  

Gekleurde Schaduwen - Barbara Nanning (Dutch subtitled)   

Galaxy - Ceramics Barbara Nanning Taiwan (English spoken)  


WG-plein 21
1054 RA Amsterdam

+ 31 (0)651231283