Following the relocation of the hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis in  1984, now the AMC – Academic Medical Center – artists, small business owners and residents have shaped and preserved the unique character and special site of WG in Amsterdam. Today a large number of artists are living and working on the grounds, including those who are part of atelierWG (in Pavilions 18 and 19).

AtelierWG Foundation, established in 1989, houses 120 artists' studios as well as initiating projects in the fields of art and culture, including international exchanges and Open Studio routes.

In 2006 puntWG was created as an interdisciplinary exhibition space and platform for the arts, with a lively program of exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and discussions with the aim of initiating an open and broad discourse between artists and the public.  PuntWG was initiated by the artists of atelierWG, who finance the space and organize its programming.

AirWG, an artist-in-residence, opened in September 2015, hosting a guest studio for national and international artists with an emphasis on research and collaboration.

Organization and programming of puntWG:
Frank Mandersloot, Noa Giniger, Joop Haring (Open Studios), Irene Dros (Co-ordination of bar and catering), and Anton Meester (catering for Open Studios).
Web editor: Hella Baan.
Text editing: Dineke Blom.

Organization and programming of airWG:
Holger Nickisch, Rody Luton, Anthea Bush and Antoinette Nausikaä.

Annual Open Studio routes are organized, welcoming the public into the studios of a variety of artists and makers in atelierWG. For more information please check the website of puntWG

The studios of atelierWG are managed by housing association Stadgenoot, with its own tenants association (HV - huurdersvereniging) acting as the point of contact for tenants, and the selection of new tenants. All tenants are members of the HV.

AtelierWG Foundation in co-operation with the tenants association, HV, strives to preserve affordable studio space for artists.
The HV has evolved a number of workgroups to operate the activities of the foundation.

Interested in applying for a studio? Go to workgroup studio allocation atelierWG  Werkgroep Toewijzing atelierWG on this site.

Studio rental

The waiting list is unfortunately closed at this time, due to the large number of applications for a studio space.
Please check the website for future updates and information concerning new availability of studios.
The workgroup for studio allocation, Werkgroep Toewijzing Ateliers, bases its decision for eligibility on the following aspects of applications:

1. quality based on CV and documentation
2. a balance of various disciplines within atelierWG
3. the willingness of the candidate to participate in activities within atelierWG
4. a balance of age groups within atelierWG



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Here you can find the artists of atelierWG.

puntWG and airWG are both initiatives of artists of atelierWG.